About Us

As a solution provider and system integrator for several large software solution providers, Mobile at Work offers an extensive portfolio of services that provide the insight and support necessary to get the most out of mobile business environments. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mobile at Work services and supports customers across the African continent and the globe as a whole.

What started out as an idea nearly 20 years ago, has become a reality. Mobile at Work was founded on the idea that businesses would come to rely on being mobile and being able to perform any business function anywhere in the world at any time. This vision drives our mission statement.

To be a leading provider of mobile endpoint solutions and optimised services to executive management and field force workers in order to increase their productivity and efficiency as an extension to their existing infrastructure.

Today, we support thousands of employees across various customers and help them drive their digital transformation journey through various techniques all underpinned by generally accepted principles, industry standards and industry-leading South African developed software platforms.