Solutions Overview

Mobile at Work has a number of solutions that work to aid in your Digital Transformation journey. Over nearly 20 years, we have developed a unique set of functionalities that are a culmination of various software solutions and platforms.

SalesForce Automation

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Invoicing / Quotation
  • Stock Quantities on-hand
  • CRM Integration
  • Stock Management and Control

Workflow & Business Logic

  • Issue Scheduling & Tracking
  • Mobile User Activity Logging & Recording
  • Electronic Customer Confirmation
  • Sign On Glass functionality
  • Electronic Job Cards / Timesheets

Field Force Monitoring & Management

  • View key business performance data
  • Automatic Management and Escalation
  • Automatic Data Export and Import Functionalities


  • Next Generation Pre-emptive Analytics & Dashboards
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Automatic KPI Tracking and Management
  • Automatic Stock Control & Sales Reporting

Other General Functions

  • Location History
  • GeoLocation
  • Proximity Monitors and Checks

Types of Applications

  • Compliance Forms
  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Surveys
  • Paperless form capture